Shopping Wiki

Super Sale
Super  Sale is an intense case of Lightning Sale, where each deal only runs for a short time. It usually also means the discount is huge and the quantity available is extremely limited.

Rewards Points
Rewards Points are simply equivalent to cash when you used to make purchase on our site.
There are multiple ways to get Rewards Points, most typically through rebate, which happens after you make a purchase on our site.
We also give loyal customers cash reward from time to time.
The Rewards Points you receive are associated with your account and it is part of your Store Credit.
Most Rewards Points have a valid period, so please pay close attention to it and make sure you use it before it expires.

• Get 5% Rewards Points on any orders. Reward points can be transfer to voucher.

Rules for Rewards
1.Rewards will be sent to your Shopping Account within 24 hour after payment.
2.Rewards will be in "Pending" status in your Shopping Account.
3.You can use these Rewards after confirming the product package receipt on our website.
4.Upon receipt Rewards are valid for up to 90 days.